Spoil NARUTO 422

posted on 23 Oct 2008 01:03 by dattebayo in spoil

แปะด่วน เด๋วมาแปลตอนเช้าจ้า!


(อย่าม่องนะคัชจัง ><)

Konan turns into papers, asking around in the village.
Konan: Where is Uzumaki Naruto?
Ninja: I won't tell

Scene changes.
Pain goes around asking for Naruto's whereabouts while killing bunch of ninja.

On top of the Hokage statues,
Tsunade summons slug
and let her treat the injured villagers

Scene changes to Kakashi.
Attack fails.
Pain takes off his clothes and reveals himself as Asura-like (with many faces and hands)
The surprised Kakashi is sucked towards Pain.
He immediately stabilize himself.
Kakashi (So this is his ability!)
One man can't win against him. I need to call for back-up. At that moment, his abdomen is pierced by Pain.

But it's just a raiton kagebunshin.
Then two giant hands appear behind Pain.

One down, Kakashi.
Chouji and his dad show up.

Kakashi climbs out from rubbles. Actually I'd also completed my preparation.
But still thanks for the help.
The end.